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NIE [Numero de Identidad de Extranjero]

ID number foreigner identity

In Spain you cannot own property or simply open a bank account without obtaining an identification number from the local police station (comisaria de policia).

The procedure in obtaining a NIE is straightforward but often time consuming involving more than one trip to the police station. The following forms can be obtained from the comisaria and are required when applying for a NIE:

The current fee for obtaining a NIE is 9.36 € subject to change. The fee is paid at most banks using the completed Modelo 790 which on payment is stamped. This form along with the completed application EX-15 is then lodged with your local comisaria. Alongside the above forms you will also need:

You will need to state your reason on the form EX-15 for requiring a NIE e.g. opening a bank account, etc.

For further information on obtaining a NIE please contact Victoria who will be happy to explain the process in more detail and if required, attend with you at the local comisaria.